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Sensors’ dosimeter consists of a secure-fit, low-density molded casing blanketed by a polypropylene membrane.
The molded base allows the adsorbent to fit snugly inside the interior of the badge for even diffusion.

Benefits include:

  • The cover optimizes the membrane surface area for maximum exposure
  • Chemical vapor is passively collected through a diffusion-controlled system that allows for a constant sampling of analyte onto a specific collection medium
  • The adsorbent inside the badge acts as a vapor sink with a very large absorption capacity
  • 12 month shelf life*
  • Ambient temperature storage except Glutataldehyde (must be refrigerated)
  • Compliance with OSHA recommended accuracy of +/- 25% for the 8-hour TWA or 15-minute STEL
  • Compliance with OSHA 95% confidence level

* Except Glutaraldehyde and Cidex OPA Badges (6 months), and Perchloroethylene Badges (18 months).

Sensors Safety is an approved member of GSA Advantage. Federal and military customers can order our products through GSAadvantage.com

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