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Compliance Information

OSHA General Duty Clause

Each employer shall furnish to each of his employees a place of employment, which is free from recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to the employee.

JCAHO Accreditation Manual, Hazardous Materials and Waste Management

  • (EC 2.4) Environmental monitoring should be included in your Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Program:
    • Ethylene Oxide
    • Glutaraldehyde
    • Formaldehyde
    • Xylene
    • Waste Anesthetic Gases
  • Special mention given to Passive Dosimeter monitoring
  • (EC 9) Minimize risks...monitoring hazardous gases and vapors
  • (EC 10) Hospital monitors hazardous gas and vapors to determine acceptable levels...

CDC NIOSH Alert "Request for Assistance in Controlling Exposure to Nitrous Oxide During Anesthetic Administration"

  • Monitor for Nitrous Oxide when anesthetic equipment is installed and every three months thereafter
  • Includes the following type of monitoring:
    • Leak testing of equipment
    • Monitoring of air in the employees personal breathing zone
    • Environmental (room air) monitoring

Code of Federal Regulation 1910.1048 (1) Formaldehyde

Code of Federal Regulations 1910.1047 (1) Ethylene Oxide

Code of Federal Regulations 1910.1000: Air Contaminants Z-1 Table – Xylene

ACGIH TLVs and BEIs: Glutaraldehyde