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   Instructions for using Sensors Safety Products

How to Use the Chemical Vapor Monitor:

1) Remove chemical vapor monitor (badge) from foil pouch and plastic bag.
2) Save all packaging materials to return for analysis. All badges have an expiration date. Expired badges cannot be analyzed.
3) Record date and start time on the card and badge.
4) Personal Monitoring: Clip badge to collar or lapel (breathing zone) with sticker side next to clothing. Area Monitoring: Clip badge to an object in desired area at the approximate height of the breathing zone.
5) Make sure there are not any splashes that may contaminate badge. Badges exposed over 12 hours cannot be analyzed.
6) At end of sample period, remove badge and record the stop time on the badge and card. Remove gloves before touching badge.
7) Place badge in plastic bag and seal, then insert in foil pouch and seal. Complete all information on card. Incomplete information may delay results. Keep bottom tear-off tag for your records.
8) Glutaraldehyde and OPA badges require refrigeration after exposure.

    Shipping Instructions for returning badges:

    1) Exposed badge must be returned within 3 weeks for analysis for accurate results.
    2) If you are returning more than two badges please package badges in box. To assure badges are received for analysis at the same time, send all badges in one package.
    3) ship FedEx, UPS, DHL, Post to
                Sensors Safety Products
                6003 Chapel Hill Road Suite 117
                Raleigh, NC 27607
    4) It is not required to mail Glutaraldehyde or OPA badges cold.