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Dosimeter Specifications

Sensors' dosimeter consists of a secure-fit, low-density molded casing blanketed by a polypropylene membrane. The molded base allows the adsorbent to fit snugly inside the interior of the badge for even diffusion.

Benefits include:

  • The cover optimizes the membrane surface area for maximum exposure
  • Chemical vapor is passively collected through a diffusion-controlled system that allows for a constant sampling of analyte onto a specific collection medium
  • The adsorbent inside the badge acts as a vapor sink with a very large absorption capacity
  • 12 month shelf life*
  • Ambient temperature storage except Glutataldehyde (must be refrigerated)
  • Compliance with OSHA recommended accuracy of +/- 25% for the 8-hour TWA or 15-minute STEL
  • Compliance with OSHA 95% confidence level

* Except Glutaraldehyde and Cidex OPA Badges (6 months), and Perchloroethylene Badges (18 months).