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2-Butanone Passive Monitoring Badge 4042

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2-Butanone Passive Monitoring Badge Specifications:

Sensors Item # 4042
Minimum Detectable: 0.1ppm for 8 hour period;
Shelf Life: 1 Year
Accuracy: TWA +/- 18.0%
Refrigeration: No
Confidence: 95%
Exposure Length: 8 hr. TWA

2-Butanone Passive Monitoring Badge

Simple and effective— Sensors Safety Products badge-style design ensures easy compliance with air monitoring regulations.
Our Monitors contain a sorbent that collects airborne contaminants for later analysis. Clip the 2-Butanone Passive Monitoring Badge to your clothing, wear for the duration of the sampling period, and return it to us in the included prepaid mailer. Our accredited lab will determine exposure levels and then deliver your results using the method most convenient to you.The Sensors Safety 2-Butanone passive monitoring badge is for health care, laboratory, and industrial applications, and meets OSHA requirements for 8 hour TWA sampling or 15 minute STEL. 

Sensors Safety Products Meet or Exceed the Highest Industry Standards

All our passive monitor badges can be used to monitor either personnel or work areas and meet or exceed the highest standards set by regulatory agencies.
All Sensors Safety Air Monitors are simple and effective devices that collect contaminants through the scientific principle of diffusion. They meet or exceed OSHA accuracy requirements of ±25% at 95% confidence level for many work contaminants.

    • Highly accurate and reliable
      • Proven  in the lab and in the field in many demanding industries
    • Save time and cut costs
      • Collect most compounds with one sampler for up to a full 8-hour workshift.
      • One sampler + one analysis = money saved
      • Economical solvent desorption and chromatographic analysis
    • Variety of samplers available
      • Sensors Safety offers a choice of sorbents to better target specific contaminants
      • Proper sorbent selection means no reverse diffusion
    • Collection efficiency
      • Sensors Safety sorbents have a maximized surface area for higher capacities
      • Our passive samplers are designed for consistent airflow
    • Sampling flexibility
      • 8-hour sampling
    • Proven results
      • Trusted and used by hospitals
    • So easy to use!
      • No pump or training required

Synonyms: Methyl ethyl ketone; MEK; Ethyl methyl ketone; Methylethylketone; Methyl acetone